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Every vehicle has a story, and so do the people who own them. Not only is drawing vehicles fun for me but also meeting the owners. Here are a few of the clients I have gotten to know while drawing their vehicle, or designing a custom logo.

The Draggin' Main and CMF team

Everyone at Draggin' Main and Clovis Music festival wanted to thank you for the HOME RUN on our event art!!!  Everyone was amazed that you were able to take our description of our vision and make it come to life.  It was so much better than anything we have had in all of the years of our event!!!  As you know, we used your art for our t shirts and this year was the first year we have EVER sold out of our shirts!!!  Your work made it possible!!  Thanks a ton man.



teddy mueller

"Thank you Micah for the Amazing drawing of my truck. The attention to detail is just incredible. Love it. My order came in quickly and was great quality! They’re so nice that my whole family got a T-shirt so that we can take our holiday family photo in it. I would definitely order from them again."


Robert Bidwell 

“My wife and I have been into Hot Rods and Harley’s since the Sixties and in that time we’ve had many drawings done by many different Artist. I have to say Micah’s drawings blew us away. His attention to detail and subtle little details are second to none. Looking forward to our next project.” 


Kevin Dietze - backyard engineering 

"Micah’s creativity and artistic style captured the essence of my dirty old ratrods. The 1936 Chevy Army Aviation theme Truck aka #Helirat and the 1954 Chevy CabOver RatRod Recovery Rig aka #LaChata we’re both brought to life by Micahdoodles! Micah is blessed with an incredible talent to bring any vehicle to life while adding character and personality. I’ve personally had tshirts, wall art, and even a tattoo of the art he has created for me, but the best part is getting to know such a stand up individual like Micah."


Matt WanasekRoom Ninjas™

"I have known Micah Claycamp for over 25 years and I have always been inspired by his God-given creative abilities. He doesn’t just draw what he sees, he draws what he sees and what he knows as an artist and visionary. Though it’s had a few changes since it’s inception, I was totally blown away by the updated logo Micah designed for my company Room Ninjas. If you’re seeking the work of a true artist and professional then you’ve come to the right place! You are in very good hands with Micah. Highly recommended!!"


chad smith

"I have commissioned Micah on two renderings for me. One was a Christmas gift for my father that I asked him to go back to his roots and complete it in color markers , which he did in phenomenal fashion!!! My father was more than pleased. I then asked for a digital rendering of my Suburban. We bounced around ideas and he was very helpful in working with me to make sure the end result was what I wanted. And boy was it! Micah does a beautiful job on whatever he tackles and then gives all the glory to God! Couldn't ask for anyone better to work with!!  Looking forward to future projects!" 


Harvey Steele
1969 Chevelle
Carolina Chevelle Club


" This is definitely the coolest drawing I've seen yet...loved the quality of my final drawing. "


Lance A. Eaton
1972 Chevy C10
Exeter, Missouri


" I love the artwork I had drawn by Micah. Its my dash piece for Car Shows & Cruises. "


Lance Nguyen
1959 Chevy Apache
Misfits, Inc. - Austin, TX


" Very accurate drawing, truly a work
of art "

Deron Nicholson
Various Vehicles
President and Founding Chapter Member Misfits, Inc. Custom Car Club


“Micah's work impressed me on multiple levels. He had an uncanny sense for what I was pondering but hadn’t yet said aloud, really listened effectively to what I was seeking, brought forward beautiful designs of my vehicles, and did it all in a timely manner and with excellent communication skills. How could so many terrific characteristics and abilities find their way into one artistic personality? I recommend Micah unequivocally and would hire him again as my fleet of vehicles grow.”  He has now become a personal friend over this process!


Shane Joachim
1966 C10 Chevy
Toronto, Canada


I'm so happy to have chosen Micah to draw some really creative and extraordinary Car Art for myself.   I loved the work so much that, I also chose Micah to design and draw the Patch for my Fire Hall.   All the Firefighters love the Firetrucks "movement" and "Hot Rod-ish" style.  

In the future. I will definitely send many more drawing requests to Micah.  Such a fair, talented and great person to deal with!!!!


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